I write about mean girls on my blog a lot, because I have had my fair share of mean girl experiences throughout the years. I want to raise awareness about them and to help stop this kind of behavior in women because we are stronger when we support each other.

When it comes to personal and professional relationships with women, I’ve learned that boundaries are important and some relationships aren’t meant to last.

Mean girls affect women of all ages. Friends will come in and out of your life who you thought were like family. People you never expected will stab you in the back. You will grow apart with others. Some friends are actually disguised as mean girls.

 I received this note from a mom whose daughter read one of my blog posts on the topic, and it meant a lot that she took the time to write to me to say how my article helped her daughter. This is exactly why I do what I do.

Here are some of the articles in case you’re interested in reading them too. Feel free to send them to someone who might need them.

Thank you to Kevin O’Keefe and LexBlog for believing in me enough to give me the Social Media Butterfly blog. It’s great to have a platform for good.

Remember, mean girls are all around us, in every age group and community. Mean girls are mean because something about you brings out something in them that they hate or makes them feel insecure or jealous. They are unhappy with their own lives, and so they take it out on you.

They try and turn people against you and pick on you because it makes them feel powerful and better about themselves. The sooner you recognize this behavior and cut these people out of your life, the more peaceful your life will become.

I had the unfortunate experience of being stabbed in the back by two of my closest friends last year, and it was an incredibly painful experience but I learned a lot from it. I will never again make the same mistakes in terms of not listening to red flags and my intuition when it comes to friendships and any kind of relationship for that matter.

Sometimes the behavior of mean girls rubs off on you, simply because you hang out with them. If you find yourself in that position, you need to change your social circle immediately.

If you’ve had a tough experience with a mean girl, I’d love to hear from you and please remember that you are not alone.