If your goal is to grow your business and brand on LinkedIn (which it should be!), here’s what you need to do:

  • Have a strong foundation – meaning a more optimized LinkedIn profile
  • Engage more on LinkedIn – have more conversations and use the notifications section to give you reasons to reach back out to

There are so many ways to use social media for branding and business development but not all of them are effective.

It’s never been more important to use social media – specifically LinkedIn – than it is today with social distancing rules in place. It’s also never been easier to build your brand and business

Using hashtags helps with increasing visibility of your posts on LinkedIn, but it’s crucial to check the number of followers of a hashtag before you use it.

Just changing a letter or abbreviating it can make a huge difference.

Don’t rely on the hashtag suggestions that LinkedIn provides, they’re based on content and AI –

A couple of years ago I changed my LinkedIn strategy.

I almost didn’t though even though these posts generated the most likes, comments and feedback.


Because the posts showed a more personal side of me that most people tend not to share on LinkedIn. I think being more human makes us more relatable.