LinkedIn offers many features for job seekers to optimize professional networking opportunities.

One of the best ways to take advantage of LinkedIn is to download your LinkedIn profile as a resume, eliminating the stress and time it takes to craft the perfect resume and to use your LinkedIn profile, which hopefully is optimized (if you

Here are 12 quick tips on how to use social media to build your business and brand for any size company or individuals looking to enhance their profile.

  1. Outline your goals – decide which practices, initiatives and professionals you want to promote so you can build your strategy around them.
  2. Know what your audience wants

I don’t know anyone who hasn’t been affected by the pandemic in some way. It’s a hard time for everyone, including me and I want to give back and help others. I’ve been donating the proceeds of my webinars to charity, but I am going to take it a step further.

I am going to

I know many of you feel out of sorts right now (that includes me). Our daily routines have been thrown a huge curveball and staying home is our job right now to keep ourselves and others safe against the spread of COVID-19

Remember this too shall pass and things will return to “normal”; your job now is to lay the foundation for when that does happen and also to be ready, willing and able to assist your clients during this time of great change, confusion and stress. Empathy is the single most important characteristic you can have right now to build stronger relationships.

In case you are looking for some “homework” in the marketing and business development area, here are a few ideas to keep you busy during this period.

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LinkedIn is implementing a new system to limit how many times a company page manager can send out invitations to their connections to follow their company page.

LinkedIn officially brought back the option to invite your connections to follow your company page in November last year.

The new system provides company pages with 100 credits

In what might be the most important update for LinkedIn company pages to date, you can now see your actual LinkedIn company followers (this has been on my LinkedIn wish list for years). This new feature has been rolled out to users over the last few days.

This is huge for organizations. And was a

Hashtags and visuals help get your social media content noticed. You should be incorporating them into your social strategy if you want to have stronger engagement and maximum impact.

Join me for a virtual program on July 8 at 1pm ET on how to take your social media graphics (and bring video, podcasts and thought