Most people aren’t utilizing social media – particularly LinkedIn – for promoting their brand or growing their business.

In fact just one percent of people who use LinkedIn actually post updates on the platform.

And of that one percent who post content, most of them aren’t posting effective updates.

Here are some ways you can

One of the most important areas on your LinkedIn profile that most professionals and businesses don’t properly optimize is the cover image area.

So how can you do it better than everyone else? Read below and watch the video!

Your LinkedIn cover image takes up a lot of prime real estate on your profile, so

So you want to start writing more on LinkedIn but you sometimes struggle to come up with content ideas? I’ve got you covered!

Here are 20 content prompts to inspire anyone in any field.

All that it’s missing is your unique experience from your perspective. And that’s what your content advantage is.

Take a look

Before I post anything to social media, my rule of thumb is to ask myself the following questions:

  1. Will anyone but me care about this?
  2. Does this help anyone else?
  3. Does my post seem too self-promotional or boastful?

If the answer to these is “yes,” I don’t post it or I find another way to

I’m going to give you some unconventional advice today.

You don’t need a blog. Or a podcast. Or an Instagram. Or a TikTok. Or to even post on LinkedIn.

What you do need are marketing activities that make sense for your brand and business that excite you.

You should do strategic marketing where you’ll reach

Stop the scroll. This three-word social media strategy is simple, easy to remember and is vital to your social media success on every platform whether you are trying to drive brand awareness or new business, or launch a new service/product.

Today, people are scrolling their social media news feeds at lightning speed.

Social media

Being effective on social media in professional services takes planning, creativity and participation from lawyers and employees, but you really don’t need a big budget or a big team to have a successful social media strategy at a law firm.

Here are 20 effective social media best practices that any size law firm should consider