We had a great conversation today on the latest Women Who Wow webinar with women entrepreneurs in the legal industry.
Thank you to all who joined us and to my amazing co-panelists Shari Belitz, Sherine Clarke, Laura Leopard, Deborah Scaringi, Deborah McMurray, Katie Lipp, Olivia Vizachero, Jennifer Klyse and Charlyne Fabi for sharing their sage

Building a strong presence and personal brand on LinkedIn can be done by anyone at any point in their careers. It just requires a commitment of time and effort on your part to share, comment and like posts, as well as to create content on a regular basis.

Here are some quick tools ways that

LinkedIn gives you so many reasons to reach out to people in your professional network through its notifications tab for new business jobs, referrals and branding opportunities.

Prompts such as individuals’ birthdays, work anniversaries and new jobs can serve as powerful catalysts to get back in touch with your connections.

I have seen these prompts

The real magic happens on LinkedIn when you start building relationships and are dedicated to providing value to your followers and connections. Here’s how:

☑️ Post relevant and useful content consistently. Think about serving and helping others in each of your posts – not about promoting yourself.

☑️ Tell stories. People connect with you more

I have a major, cool LinkedIn update for you. Individual LinkedIn posts will be indexed by Google very soon!

This means that your LinkedIn posts will start showing up in Google search results.

This is great for building your brand and of course your SEO results.

You also now have an additional character counts to

Here’s an important way to help your LinkedIn profile become more discoverable on Google – LinkedIn SEO.

LinkedIn SEO is handled the same way you would apply SEO to your website. You can strategically integrate keywords throughout your LinkedIn profile to enhance your chances of the algorithm finding your profile and ranking your content at

Did you know that you can now create LinkedIn posts up to 3000 characters versus 1300?

But remember that longer isn’t always better.

There are four types of LinkedIn posts available to users in the main LinkedIn home page: text, image, video and document – with each of them you can now add up to