In what shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone, LinkedIn has reported that it’s seeing a massive increase in company posts mentioning ‘COVID-19’ and ‘working from home.”

What is interesting is to note the engagement that these posts have received and how LinkedIn’s members have responded to coronavirus-related content, which may provide some helpful indicators for your company page strategy.

LinkedIn has shared some new insights on both fronts. LinkedIn has seen a massive spike in company page posts mentioning COVID-19, which is not surprising given the current state of the world. LinkedIn specifically notes that the coronavirus posts that received the most engagement were about how companies were stepping up to help relief efforts. If your company is helping the community – in big or small ways – make sure to promote that on your social media channels (but not in a boastful way).

“Working from home” related posts have seen an even bigger jump in engagement on LinkedIn across the globe as workers adjust to this new normal. This is again not surprising, so if you have any content about how your employees are adjusting to working from home or tips on efficiently working from home – post them.

LinkedIn provided a listing of the specific words that appeared most often in the posts that have resonated with users. They are:

  • Health
  • Help
  • People
  • Employees
  • Support
  • Social distancing
  • Health authorities
  • Public health
  • Healthcare workers

It’s unsurprising that working from home and COVID-19 content continue to be top topics for LinkedIn users, so if are looking for ways to better connect with your followers, add some of these topics into your content marketing strategy. One word of caution – don’t overpost on these topics or you risk that your audience will get content fatigue when it comes to these subjects. Intersperse other content throughout your editorial calendar for maximum engagement.