While you can’t remove ads from your LinkedIn feed, you do have control over the ads you see and you can take action to ensure that you don’t keep seeing the same ads over and over again and that the ads you do see are more tailored to you.

Take the time to report feedback on the ad. Look at the drop down menu you get when you click on the three little dots on the right hand side of the ad. There are a number of options to click on with regard to how you feel about the ad. You can mark the ad as:

  • Annoying or not interesting
  • Repetitive
  • Something else (a catch all for everything else)

Note that sometimes you’ll take the time to mark an ad as annoying or repetitive, but yet you’ll still see that same annoying ad. I find that sometimes you have to do the same action several times in order for that and to never show up again. Cough it up to just LinkedIn being wonky.

I recommend you take the time to do customize your LinkedIn ads (you can do it on your mobile device and desktop) – it does help to make your LinkedIn newsfeed better and more personalized!