I have a very timely and important social media and marketing PSA for you today.

Don’t post anything further on social media or do any marketing at all today and over the next few days. In this video I discuss why  although it should be obvious.

U.S. companies and individuals – don’t post anything further today or even tomorrow – maybe not even at all for the remainder of the week.

I strongly recommend halting all social media and content marketing efforts right now given what’s going on in Washington, DC.

Put most of your posts on your editorial calendar on hold.

Turn off any scheduled posts for the week ASAP.

Go into your scheduled posting tool to ensure you don’t have anything in the queue.

You don’t need to send out that client alert, blog post, press release or webinar reminder right now either. They can wait.

It’s not business as usual.

You can certainly prepare content for posting later, but PLEASE take a break given what’s happening at the Capitol.

I recommend that you also halt all unnecessary email marketing and external marketing.

You don’t want to seem tone deaf and out of touch. This is not the time to post congratulatory content or big wins. Lay low.

Also please be careful what you say on your personal social on the events in DC. It’s better to say nothing when emotions are high.

Stay safe.