Have you suddenly noticed the words “Super Admin view” appear on your LinkedIn company page? I did one day and looked into it further.

LinkedIn has expanded the rollout of its new company page administrator roles, providing more options for maintaining your business’ presence in LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Company Pages now offer Page Admin and Paid Media Admin roles to allow for tiered levels of management for all activities related to your page.

These roles will provide more capacity for managing your LinkedIn company page, with specific controls over who can do what, and more defined separation between top-level page managers and others. It could help reduce missteps, while also enabling a broader spread of contributors. Note that not all company pages will see the new options as yet, as LinkedIn is gradually rolling them out.

The full listing of new LinkedIn company page roles are as follows:

  • Super Admin – This new option provides master access to every administrator permission, including adding and removing all admins on the Page, editing page information, and deactivating your company page. You can now make selected people, or a person, responsible for managing your broader company page management responsibilities, and limit overall access, reducing risk
  • Content Admin – This enables users to create and manage page content, including updates, events, stories jobs
  • Curator – Curators are able to recommend content for employees to post, with access to insights on performance
  • Analyst – This provides the ability to monitor the page’s performance through analytics. LinkedIn notes that analysts will have limited access to the page in third-party tools and will only have access to the Analytics tab of a page

In addition to these features, LinkedIn is now also listing its ‘Paid Media Admins’ in a separate category, with three different options, which I’ll cover in another post.