Supporting your authors on JD Supra is crucial for maximizing their impact and enhancing their visibility. Here are three tips, along with a bonus suggestion, based on tips from JD Supra’s Paul Ryplewski, to help you bolster your thought leaders this year.

1. Set and Schedule Author Analytics Reports

The key to understanding an author’s reach and readership lies in data. With the recently launched Report Builder tool on JD Supra, you can now create and schedule custom analytics reports. This tool focuses on individual authors or groups, providing insights distinct from the analytics of your entire firm. Here’s how it works:

  • Admin Control: Admins can set up reports on behalf of authors for automatic delivery via email.
  • Author Access: Authors can also log in to create their own one-time or recurring reports.

This feature utilizes advanced filters, allowing a tailored view of an author’s impact.

2. Promote Author Portfolios with a Custom Badge

Visibility is paramount. The new Badge Builder tool on JD Supra enables you to promote author portfolios in various digital spaces – email signatures, blogs, firm profiles and more.

Utilize this tool to:

  • Generate and Export: Create badge codes for all authors in one click, exporting the data for easy implementation.
  • Customize: Match badges to your organization’s brand with various sizes, shapes and colors. Bespoke designs are also available.

3. Leverage LinkedIn for Greater Reach

Turn your authors’ LinkedIn connections into regular readers by using the LinkedIn Sync tool. This feature allows automatic sharing of new publications on JD Supra to their LinkedIn followers. Learn how to synchronize LinkedIn with JD Supra here.

Bonus Tip: Consider the Featured Author Offering

For those seeking focused, ongoing visibility for their authors in 2024, the Featured Author offering on JD Supra is a strategic option. This platform spotlights authors, amplifying their reach and influence. Reach out to Paul to learn more about this.

Supporting your authors on JD Supra not only enhances their individual profiles but also elevates your firm’s overall presence. By implementing these tips, you’ll be set to make 2024 a year of impactful thought leadership and increased visibility.