In a world where nothing has seemed normal since March, last night I felt normal.

I was a loyal Flywheel rider for many years but it unfortunately couldn’t survive the pandemic, which has sadly happened to many group fitness businesses.

The entire fitness industry has been turned upside down as a result of COVID-19 – an example of how the pandemic has affected every aspect of our lives right down to our exercise routines.

I tried Comeback Cycle last night – socially distant spinning outside on a rooftop in midtown Manhattan with breathtaking views – started by two of the very best spin instructors in the world (and dear friends of mine) Alison Cohen and Natalie Cohen Gould. I am so proud of and thankful to them for getting this venture up and running so quickly. They were among the very first and last employees at Flywheel Sports.

We wear masks the entire time except when we’re on our bikes (some riders wore masks while they rode – it’s rider preference). Every single piece of equipment is sanitized between classes by staff members who used to work with Alison and Natalie at Flywheel and bikes are spaced at least six far apart. Riders are able to clean their bikes again if they would like to with antibacterial wipes that are readily available.

Alison is by far the hardest spin instructor I’ve ever taken, but in a great way. Her music is always fun and upbeat, and I’ve never burned more calories in any workout class than I have with her. If you like third position on the spin bike and lots of races, Alison is for you.

Natalie is also incredibly challenging with killer playlists and unique, fun theme rides (think Fleetwood Mac Dreams album, breakup rides, greatest movie songs, 80s themes and so much more).

In addition to teaching themselves and running the business, they have been adding several other former favorite Flywheel spin instructors to the schedule, including Mario Martinez, Alex Joy Pucci and Marc Daigle. Barre classes are also being added with some of Flywheel’s favorite barre instructors, including Chase Willman.

Although I have a Peloton bike at home and regularly do Zoom barre and yoga classes, there is nothing like the energy of an in-person group fitness class and riding with friends, which I have missed so much over the past seven months. If you’ve been craving that as well, check out these classes.

Working out regularly makes me happier in general and more grounded. Especially during the quarantine. It’s incredibly great for the mind, body and obviously my overall health.

We use silent disco headphones in all the classes, because we are outside on a rooftop.

It’s never too late to start incorporating high intensity interval training such as spinning into your exercise routine. I started doing it in my late 30s. It’s not easy, but it works and it makes you much more efficient about how you work out because it’s so effective. As a result, I’m in the best shape I’ve probably ever been in now.

Inventive and safe classes like this are popping up all over the country – I encourage you to try one if you feel comfortable and you are healthy. I know it’s so easy to come up with reasons not to do this and to let your anxiety about the pandemic get the better of you. Obviously do what feels right for you and consult your doctor if you have any questions.

For anyone who is doubting the strength and resourcefulness of New York City, don’t. This city will bounce back because its people are resilient and creative with novel ideas like this. We are “New York Tough” as our governor likes to say, and we are at a major inflection point in our city.

Come back to spin safely at Comeback Cycle. Discounted class packages are available.

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