It’s been a busy week for me not only with regular client work, still unpacking from the move into my dream home and prepping for Thanksgiving (be safe everyone), but I also added a new member to my family.

I lost my beloved French bulldog Charlie in June due to long-term health issues. I couldn’t imagine my life without a dog, and so I didn’t wait long to add a new puppy named Lucy to my life after he passed away. She came to live with me in NYC in late July and has brightened up every day since.

Lucy is a rambunctious, active puppy and being that I work from home, it became clear to me that she needed more stimulation and interaction during the day than I could provide her. (Thank you to everyone who was cool with me playing fetch with her while on a Zoom over the past few months).

And that’s where Scarlett comes into the picture. On Monday I brought home another French bulldog puppy to join Lucy.

Scarlett is sassy, sweet and chubby yet only 6.5 pounds. She and Lucy get along for the most part, play together for hours but are also figuring out how to share food and toys. They make my heart melt.

The moment I picked up Scarlett!

Am I crazy for having two puppies at the same time? A bit. But I can handle it. They bring so much joy to everyone, and they’re exactly what I need after battling depression and living in this pandemic alter universe.

When someone tells you not to do something like some people did with getting Lucy too soon after Charlie died or telling me it was not smart to have two puppies close in age to one another, thank them for their advice, but always do what feels right in your gut. Only you know what’s best for you. 

There is always a way to make something work if you really want to. Replace negative thoughts and thoughts of self-doubt with positive ones, and those that help to make what you want a reality.

You can follow Lucy’s and Scarlett’s adventures on Instagram.

Stay safe and well.