I am a big fan of Major, Lindsey and Africa top recruiter Dimitri Mastrocola’s LinkedIn posts – you should follow him if you aren’t already.

In this guest post excerpted from a longer article of his, which you should read, learn his five tips to help you be laser-focused about going after and getting what you want this year.

1. Push Yourself Harder Than Anyone Else Would.

There is always more to do as you journey to your goals, and there is always a “better” way to do it that you haven’t found yet. Push yourself harder than anyone else to find it.

2. Do It For Yourself, Not External Validation.

Leaders are fueled from within, not by the accolades of others. Hold yourself to the highest standard of excellence, not for the recognition but because that’s who you are.

3. Seek Out Pressure Situations.

Lean into situations that challenge you. Let that “under pressure” feeling compel you to dig deep and tap the powerful resources that lie dormant within you.

4. Never See Failure as Final.

There is no such thing as failure. Learn to reframe every temporary setback as a lesson, then figure out a way to harness it into something you are looking to achieve.

5. Only Compete Against Yourself.

Leaders never compete with anyone else, knowing their true competition is with themselves. Remember that your toughest competition is and will always be the person you are capable of becoming.