This is my PSA to law firms re capitalizing “Firm”

Does anyone else also feel strongly that law firms shouldn’t capitalize the word “Firm” in outward facing materials particularly in any client communications, social media posts, press releases and web copy?

It seems very old fashioned to me and makes you seem dated and overly self-important. Also the focus should always be on your clients, not you- again, a big mistake most law firms make in their social media and outward facing communications strategy.

Firm is not actually a proper noun, contrary to what some law firms think. Instead of using “Firm,” I recommend instead inserting your firm name or abbreviate it if you don’t want to use “firm” – and please don’t use defined terms or legal jargon in any of your marketing communications.

I think it’s the equivalent of referring to yourself by your surname in your web site bio, which I also think is a huge no-no – especially today when clients and our audiences are younger and less formal, and the pandemic has transformed everything.

I had to make a case today for why a firm (notice the lowercase there!) should stop capitalizing firm, and I’m not sure if they will listen to my recommendation, but I hope you will.

Join me in this movement to abolish the use of Firm – okay I’m kidding but I do sort of mean it…