Most of my posts on LinkedIn provide advice on how to build your brand and your business using social media and marketing tools. But the most important posts are those on days like today, Martin Luther King Day, where we can use our platforms to raise awareness on important issues and do good for our community.

Today is the day to reflect on what we can do to continue to promote diversity, equity and inclusion efforts. We need to do better. We need the wise words and teachings of Dr. King more than ever right now.

If your company doesn’t know where to start in wanting to launch a diversity training program, I have a solution for you.

A couple of years ago I met Paula Edgar, Esq. at a New York City Bar Association conference at which we both spoke. I was stopped in my tracks by her powerful message and delivery. If you are looking for a diversity trainer, Paula is the person for your organization.

I am here to listen and learn with an open heart. And also to use my platform to help in anyway I can not just today but every day. And you should too.

Here’s a video where I talk about how to use your platform for good.

Do more than talk about diversity and inclusion efforts. Put a program in place.

Learn more about Paula.