I noticed just in the past few days that LinkedIn has made it easier to comment on posts by adding quick suggested, pre-populated responses that you can click on and add as your comment.

This is similar to the pre-populated suggested responses it prompts you with in the messaging section.

The responses you are shown are based on the text of the post and uses LinkedIn’s artificial intelligence. They are short, canned responses, and they are perfectly fine unless you want to add more “meat” to your comment.

Commenting on posts increases traffic to your LinkedIn profile and helps you build your personal brand.

It also enables you to build your authority as a subject-matter expert because people will start seeing your name more in their feeds, and if you provide thoughtful commentary, you’ll build it even more thoughtfully.

Providing comments on posts takes only a few minutes a day but can have a significant influence on your profile views.

Check it out in the example here involving a recent article of mine to see how it works.

LinkedIn is rolling this out to users, so you may not have this feature yet – stay tuned!