I love LinkedIn for so many reasons – one of which is that I’ve gotten to know some great people and learned so much from individuals who I wouldn’t have met otherwise.

One such person is Frank Ramos.

One day a post of Frank’s that one of my connections liked came up in my newsfeed, underscoring the power of LinkedIn. I clicked on his profile and started following him as a result.

Frank’s LinkedIn posts are filled with helpful advice for lawyers of all levels on business development and professional growth topics. He is one of those rare lawyer voices on social media that is unique and memorable. I immensely enjoy his posts, and I suggest you follow him on LinkedIn too.

I asked Frank to share how he’s built his brand on LinkedIn and his tips for how lawyers can be successful using social media.

How has LinkedIn helped you build your brand?

LinkedIn has helped build my brand by enabling me to share my thoughts and tips on hard and soft lawyering skills which allows me to share my skill set with others and have them see me as someone they can trust and with whom they can entrust their cases.

What has been the key to your social media success?

The key to my social media success has been posting daily for almost five years now. Growth and following should be organic and that comes with regular and consistent postings on a select set of topics that reflect your expertise.

What advice do you have to lawyers who want to use social media more?

My best advice to other lawyers is picking one or two topics, broad ones, that you’re passionate about, and post every day on that topic or topics. The first few weeks is challenging but after a bit it gets easy and becomes second nature.

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