If you look at this LinkedIn post example, you’ll see why the first two lines of your post are the most important in terms of capturing your reader.

Oftentimes, LinkedIn doesn’t show your followers your full post. It only shows them the first two lines of it and offers a “see more” prompt to see the rest. They do however see the image you included with the post.

That means you only have two lines to get their attention and draw them in.

These two lines are the equivalent importance wise as a subject line of an email.

Your goal is to get your readers to click through and read your full content.

There are some who will never read it and some that will always read it. The majority lie somewhere in the middle: if they like what they see in their initial skim, they will go back and read the full post.

But always pay attention to the first two lines of your LinkedIn post. They’re more important than ever before.