You might not have the results you want on LinkedIn because you’re being reactive instead of proactive when it comes to your content and networking actions.

To be successful on LinkedIn (and life in general) you have to take real action.

You have to make things happen. You can’t wait for them to happen. You also must take chances and that means posting content.

Think of it this way:

  • Maybe you aren’t a published author because you never reached out to the publication you’ve wanted to be in with your article ideas
  • Maybe you don’t have a lot of followers on LinkedIn because you haven’t posted because you’re afraid of how people will react to your posts
  • Perhaps you want to be a public speaker but you haven’t ever submitted to speak at a conference
  • Maybe you aren’t networking online because you’re waiting for people to find you instead of finding them to help them

On LinkedIn, your next client or big break could be a post, message or comment away, but YOU have to send the message, create the post and send the connection request. You can’t just sit back and be idol and wait for opportunities to come to you. They very likely may come to you but it is much better to create the opportunities yourself.

So what do you do?

Help people through your posts and actions without expecting anything in return. Never try selling yourself for your services or tell people how great you are. Always show versus towel.

And start doing it today without worrying so much at first about how people will react to your posts.

Likes, comments and shares are nice but they aren’t the only indicators of social media success. Give your posts a chance to succeed.

The success on social media will come if you are authentic and proactive.