Do you have good LinkedIn manners?

Have you ever had someone post a comment on your LinkedIn post that includes a link to an article of theirs on the same topic? It’s pretty shameless self-promotion that happens a lot.

Or has someone responded to all the comments you’ve gotten on a post with thoughts of their own to make themselves relevant?

Maybe someone saw your post, commented on it and then hours later, created a post that was incredibly similar. It couldn’t be a coincidence, right?

All of these scenarios have happened to me multiple times. And doing any of these won’t help you build your professional network. In fact, they will do the opposite. They turn people off.

Did you know that people can easily see all of the comments you’ve made on others’ posts as well as your own on LinkedIn?

They are right there for everyone to see in the “Activity” section of your profile.

Comments can help you build your personal brand and showcase your expertise as well as your personality with great insights to share – as well as the fact that you are witty, authentic, humble and dynamic.

Every comment is part of your brand – so don’t post bland or negative comments.

  • Don’t hijack another’s post to promote your service or product.
  • Don’t criticize someone or comment negatively on someone’s posts
  • Do add to the conversation by making thoughtful comments.

Always be a good LinkedIn corporate citizen.