Here’s an important way to help your LinkedIn profile become more discoverable on Google – LinkedIn SEO.

LinkedIn SEO is handled the same way you would apply SEO to your website. You can strategically integrate keywords throughout your LinkedIn profile to enhance your chances of the algorithm finding your profile and ranking your content at the top of search results.

If you want to rank high on Google search results, keywords are key throughout your profile!

To optimize your LinkedIn profile, start by creating a keyword-rich profile for your industry target words. Create backlinks and publish posts and articles with related hashtags. Make sure your profile is 100% completed.

Here are some LinkedIn SEO tips that you should implement on your profile today.

  • Know the right keywords to use (make sure that the keywords people will likely use when searching for your services is included in your job title and headline)
  • Keyword-optimize your LinkedIn profile (use keywords in your headline, summary and experience sections)
  • Clearly name the images on your LinkedIn profile (your cover image and profile photo and fill out the alt edit text on your image)
  • Strategically grow your LinkedIn network – LinkedIn has its own search engine. One of the ranking signals it uses is the number of connections a person has.
  • Make all sections of your LinkedIn profile public
  • Publish articles and posts in your niche area – one of the best ways to apply SEO to your LinkedIn profile is through content marketing. You can do that by publishing posts in your area of expertise, which also helps you to build your brand and subject matter authority.
  • Create quality backlinks -Building quality backlinks will give your profile page a boost. Try linking to your profile page from your own blog or web site bio.
  • Use hashtags – this helps to increase the visibility of your posts
  • Be wary of keyword-stuffing in your profile, you should only include keywords where relevant
  • Get as many endorsements and recommendations as possible
  • Keep in mind you are searchable by company, so if you list a company people will more easily find you
  • Add as many relevant skills as possible – those are each keywords too

If you need help with your Google search results and LinkedIn profile, don’t hesitate to reach out!