When you put anything in all caps on LinkedIn, it’s equivalent of yelling at people. Please don’t. Here’s why.

Your name, your headline and the content in your bio should not be in all caps. Nothing on your profile should.

Your headline and name gets pulled into all of your search results so you’re essentially yelling at everybody everywhere (yikes).

When you do this you may think that you are standing out, but what you’re actually doing is standing out in the wrong way.

You can come off as aggressive and not super savvy on LinkedIn.

If you want to use caps in a LinkedIn post to highlight a point or break up a section, you can, but use it very sparingly as again, it can seem like you are shouting.

So resist the urge to hit the all caps key and if you already have it selected, change it right away.

Trust me on this.

Does it bother you when you see content in all caps in LinkedIn?