Have you ever wondered what are the levels of LinkedIn profiles and how you can achieve a more advanced profile. I am asked this question quite often so I thought I would explore it here in case you also wondered it too.

Your LinkedIn profile level shows how complete your profile is. When you complete the recommended sections you not only move towards achieving your professional goals but it also helps the visibility and searchability of your profile and its associated posts.

  1. Beginner: All members start off as beginners and completing four sections will help you advance to Intermediate.
  2. Intermediate: Members with intermediate profiles see more relevant job recommendations and refined connection suggestions. Complete four sections to achieve Intermediate.
  3. All-star: Members with All-star profiles see more relevant feed updates and receive more profile views. Complete seven sections to achieve All-star status on your LinkedIn profile.

I hope this is helpful in explaining the levels of LinkedIn profiles. Your goal should be to get to All-star status so that your profile be more visible and searchable and so that you receive more relevant feed updates.