LinkedIn is a powerhouse platform for law firms looking to engage with peers, clients, prospective clients, recruits, the media and alumni. One of the most common questions law firms grapple with is “How often should we post on our LinkedIn company page?” Let’s dive into this question and discover the sweet spot for law firms.

The Ideal Frequency

General consensus and studies suggest that posting 3-5 times a week on LinkedIn provides an optimal balance between staying visible and not overwhelming your followers. For law firms, this frequency aligns well with the professional nature of the platform and the type of content typically shared.

That being said, how often you post on LinkedIn depends on how much you have to say and how big your organization is. A larger law firm might post one to two times per day because of how much content they have. A smaller firm may decide to post less than that due to fewer resources and content reserves.

It is important to strike the right balance, which you can do with some trial and error. You may find that a certain time of day or day of the week garners more engagement than another – or maybe even that the weekends are a better time for your firm to post. Being adapatable is key to finding the right posting cadence.

The Risks of Overposting on LinkedIn

Is it possible for a company page to post too often on LinkedIn? In short, yes.

  1. Audience Fatigue: Overposting can lead to ‘audience fatigue.’ When followers see your content too frequently, they may become desensitized to your posts, leading to decreased engagement.
  2. Content Dilution: With an increased posting frequency, there’s a risk of compromising content quality. Rather than meaningful insights, followers might just see repetitive or diluted content.
  3. Algorithmic Impact: LinkedIn’s algorithm rewards engagement. If you post too frequently and your content doesn’t garner enough interactions, LinkedIn might view it as less valuable, potentially impacting your overall reach.

Balancing Content and Frequency

For law firms, it’s essential to strike a balance between sharing insightful content and maintaining an effective posting frequency. Here’s how:

  1. Diverse Content Strategy: Spread out different types of content throughout the week. For instance, share an in-depth article on Monday, a client testimonial on Wednesday and a firm achievement or recognition on Friday.
  2. Monitor Engagement Metrics: Keep a close eye on how your audience interacts with your posts. If engagement drops, consider revising your content strategy or posting frequency.
  3. Leverage Analytics: LinkedIn offers detailed analytics for company pages. Regularly review these insights to understand what content types perform best and at what times.
  4. Quality Over Quantity: While it’s tempting to post frequently to stay top-of-mind, prioritize creating high-quality, valuable content over merely filling a quota.


For law firms on LinkedIn, it’s essential to find a posting cadence that provides consistent visibility without overwhelming followers. By focusing on offering value in every post and regularly monitoring performance metrics, law firms can optimize their LinkedIn presence, fostering better relationships and establishing their authority in their respective areas of practice.

Reach out to me for help creating a LinkedIn company page strategy that will boost your visibility and business.