LinkedIn recently announced that it will discontinue its Creator Mode, which was initially launched in 2021 to bolster user engagement through specialized features like profile hashtags and a “Featured” section where you could pin important updates to your profile.

This change is part of LinkedIn’s evolving strategy to enhance content visibility and discovery without relying on hashtags, leveraging system matching and AI technologies instead.

By integrating Creator Mode’s functionalities directly into user profiles, LinkedIn is seeking to make content creation tools more accessible to its entire user base, fostering a more active and engaged community platform-wide.

For users who currently utilize Creator Mode, the shift means they will no longer need to toggle this feature to access its benefits. The tools previously exclusive to Creator Mode will become available to all LinkedIn users, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to showcase their expertise and content prominently.

The tools available to everyone on LinkedIn, following the removal of Creator Mode, include the ability to feature selected content prominently on profiles through a “Featured” section, and the presence of a “Follow” button, enabling users to grow their audience. In addition, LinkedIn’s focus is shifting towards improving content discovery through system matching and AI, rather than relying on hashtags (which I never thought actually worked on LinkedIn), aiming to streamline and enhance user engagement and content visibility across the platform.

What Do LinkedIn Users Need to Do Next?

LinkedIn users do not need to take any immediate action in response to LinkedIn’s removal of Creator Mode and the shift away from hashtags. The platform’s intention is to automatically make the beneficial features of Creator Mode available to all users, enhancing the content creation and sharing experience without the need for manual toggling. This change aims to streamline the user experience, ensuring that everyone can easily access and utilize the full range of LinkedIn’s content visibility and engagement tools.