‪Behind every strong woman is herself. Don’t ever forget that. I learned the hard way about this over the past year. I’ve done a lot of self reflection, especially since the quarantine.

I’ve cut out people from my life who were negative, jealous and toxic – people who I thought were friends but turned out to actually be my worst nightmares.

I was stabbed in the back multiple times, slandered, lied to and sadly, some people in my life enjoyed watching my world come crashing down on me and directly contributed to it by spreading malicious rumors and lies about me.

My life turned into a season of the Real Housewives series, and I realized who were my real friends and who were not. These are not people I want in my life in any capacity.

At the end of last June, on the night before we were supposed to leave for our summer vacation, my partner suddenly ended our relationship in part due to lies told to him by one “friend” and pushed him to believe one of our other friends was a better match for him.

Without getting into the details, the friend and him started dating soon after he made me move out of our home. I was devastated but not shocked as I had suspected something was going on between them. I have cut all of them out of my life and anyone who supported or knew about my ex friend and ex-partner’s relationship.

While it was painful and jarring, I became a much happier and grounded person in the process.

The people with whom I now choose to surround myself unconditionally support me, believe in me and stand by me.

Women can be awful to other women – catty and jealous – usually because something about you brings out their own insecurities.

Having a smaller circle who you really trust and who accepts you for who you are – faults and all – is much better. I used to be a social butterfly but have dramatically changed as a result of this experience because I am much more self protective and cautious.

In your personal and professional lives, not everyone will like you and that’s okay. What others think about you is not really important. It took me years to realize this.

Ugly people say ugly things about you for their own ugly reasons. Toxic people are dangerous because they believe their own lies and will twist around the truth and betray you to satisfy their own selfish and toxic needs. One of their most dangerous qualities is convincing you that they are truthful when nothing can be further from the truth.

Some people will try to bring you down because something in you makes them feel inadequate or jealous. At the end of the day, you don’t want those people in your life. What matters is what YOU think. Remember what’s meant for you will find you and the universe works in mysterious ways to remove people from your life who are not meant to be there 🙌🏻