I’ve been working with several of my clients to craft communications to send to their clients now that some states have allowed law firms to reopen their offices.

Businesses of all types have a responsibility to explain new health and safety protocols that are in place to prevent the further spread of COVID-19.

Getting client communications right is critical to the success of your business in a post-pandemic world, as clients and potential clients are looking for businesses that make them feel safe and secure.

Effective, consistent communications during a crisis will help you maintain client trust, restore employee morale and confidence, and retain market stability. For both B2B and B2C businesses, consistent messaging across all channels is key. All messages should be timely, relevant, empathetic and considerate of your clients’ current needs and concerns.

Each state has different policies on what is allowed in their jurisdiction, so be sure to check  your state’s guidelines (here’s information on NYC’s guidelines) and work with your office administrator and firm leadership to be sure that you are operating within what is permissible and of course, always put the health and safety of your employees first.

The below communication may be a helpful framework for you as you are thinking about how to communicate your reopening to your clients. Please adapt it for your audience.

Remember that it is still not business as usual by any stretch of the imagination – and no client expects you to be reopening. COVID-19 is still very much a threat to all of us. You may want to rethink how you’ve been conducting business in the first place – perhaps you can conduct more business remotely and only require employees to go into the office for essential functions. This is a great time for law firms to be innovators – your clients will certainly appreciate that.

Stay safe.

Dear Clients and Friends of the Firm:

After several months of operating remotely, [insert name of firm] has physically opened our [insert city] office once again in accordance with [insert State] and CDC guidelines.

We have put safety protocols into place to ensure we provide the limited number of employees who are now on a rotating schedule in the office with safeguards to protect themselves.

  • We have coordinated with our landlord and other tenants on opening and safety procedures in common areas and elevators.
  • We are staggering workstations and occupied offices to increase the distance between employees in attendance.
  • To the extent practical, in the office but outside the individual workplace, our employees will wear masks and utilize other protective equipment and sanitizing hygiene practices.
  • We are installing barriers for receptionists and other employees at high-foot traffic locations.
  • We have an inventory of cleaning and other supplies to maintain a disinfected environment.
  • We have developed a cleaning and sanitizing protocol in accordance with recommended CDC guidelines.
  • We have implemented social distancing policies.
  • We have installed signage on social distancing and hygiene guidelines.

Rest assured that we’re taking every precaution to keep our employees safe while they are in the office.

Our firm continues to be fully operational, and we continue to offer our employees the flexibility to work from home.

We’re working diligently to adapt to new circumstances while planning for the future. We’re all in this together, learning together and adapting together.

Please reach out if you have any questions. We thank you for entrusting your work with us.