I’ve never wanted to go to a conference and cocktail party more than I do right now and eat dreadful cubed cheese and drink terrible Chardonnay while making small talk with strangers.

If you’re like me and craving human interaction like that and getting sick of Zooming, this article may give you some inspiration.

I came across some great ideas in this INC article on how to go above and beyond a virtual Zoom happy hour (think trivia, icebreaker games and in-home scavenger hunts) to help keep workers entertained and connected during the pandemic that I wanted to pass along.

I went to a virtual cocktail party where we all brought a cocktail that we made and we shared the recipe ahead of time with the organizer who emailed them all to the attendees – that was a great icebreaker.

What are you doing to stay in touch with your employees? Have you come up with any creative ideas for engaging with co-workers beyond the traditional Zoom happy hour?