I’m pausing today to remember the epitome of a woman who wows – Ruth Bader Ginsburg and respect all that RBG was and is – an icon, a leader, a true hero. Though she was tiny, she was mighty. We share humble Brooklyn roots and diminutive statures.

She fought to be treated equally as one of the few women law students at Harvard and later as a woman lawyer at a time when women in the courtroom was not the norm. Nevertheless she soldiered on undeterred and more motivated to make a difference.

Did you know that her collars (jabots) were directly related to how she was going to vote that day or her opinions about someone? So she wore a Gothic collar when she was dissenting and a more simple lace white collar when she was voting with the group. I just love that she expressed herself despite having to wear these robes.

She practiced law at the top of the field, breaking barriers and helping pave the path for many women today. We need to continue do all that we can to fight to advance her mission for justice and women’s rights now more than ever.

One day I hope to tell my future daughter all about her – and how this is what today’s superheroes look like.

Damn 2020, you sure have been a doozy.