The way you format your LinkedIn posts is just as important as what you say.

You have just 1300 characters to get the attention of your audience so use it wisely!

For example, don’t write long, dense paragraphs. Today, people skim content especially online.

Instead, break up your information into short snippets like I’m doing here. Use paragraph breaks, bullets, numbers or headers when you can to help the reader as they scan the post.

Always write with your audience in mind. For lawyers and law firms that means no defined terms. No formal language. No jargon. Don’t refer to people by their surnames. No skipping two or three spaces between sentences. This isn’t a legal brief.

The same goes for your client alerts and web copy (especially when it comes to headlines).

I spend a good part of every day editing law firm client alerts, web copy and social media posts, making them less formal and more engaging.

I see some people extend their posts into the comments on LinkedIn or put a web link in comments. I personally don’t like this practice. Always make it easy for your audience to find your copy. I know that the algorithm prefer that you do not include links that take people off LinkedIn’s platform, so that’s why I suggest that you do a mix of posts that don’t have any links.

Put all hashtags at the end of your posts. I find them hard to read when they are interspersed in the body copy. 

Remember client-centric, easy-to-follow, authentic, value-added content will bring you success on LinkedIn and as a thought leader on any platform.

Please reach out to me with any questions!