Companies can now add links to LinkedIn stories!

In an exciting new enhancement to LinkedIn stories, company pages can now add URL links to LinkedIn story posts. Note that this is not yet available to individual LinkedIn users but I am sure that’s coming soon.

This means that you can post an image and then insert a link so people can easily view the full text. Any web site URL can be included. See below for how simple it is to add one in one of my new articles.

You can also still tag people in the story too. When you do it correctly, the URL will show “see more” and the user can click on it to view the link.

I really do recommend that you become an early adopter of LinkedIn stories because it pins your updates at the very top of your network’s feed (only on the app for now) and not many companies have figured out how to effectively use it yet – giving you a prime way to stand out!

There is a great opportunity here to highlight articles, pages on your website such as biographies and practice area descriptions and upcoming webinars.

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