Remember just because someone doesn’t like or comment on your LinkedIn posts doesn’t actually mean that they don’t:

– See your post
– Read what you have to say
– Like what you have to say
– Think you’re a leader in your field
– Click on your links/send you a message
– Reach out to you about your services
– Buy your products or services

The number of likes and comments you get doesn’t tell the full story of your social media success. A lot of people use social media in “listen only” mode.

That means that they don’t publicly comment on your post or engage with it, but they see it. It’s part of the power you have as a user of social media and Google to be anonymous on social platforms if you so choose.

If you want to build your brand and grow your business, it’s WHO sees and engages with your content that is more important than HOW many people liked or commented on it.

Don’t get hung up on vanity metrics because they don’t tell the full story. Instead focus on creating daily value-added, unique content that helps your audience while showcasing what you do.

That’s the true key to social media success. Don’t obsess on vanity metrics. Focus on your content! Your audience will come.