Reusing and repurposing your content so that you make it work harder and smarter for you is something I talk about quite a bit. Yet, many people still don’t take advantage of this, and will take the time to create great content, and only post it one time to social media or email it out to their subscribers once.

That’s not effectively optimizing your content.

Your audience is busy and will often miss your content. So sending it to them multiple times, and in multiple channels and mediums is a great and smart way to make sure your message doesn’t get lost.

An effective way to do this is by turning a video or a podcast into a blog post. You can do this by creating a transcript of the video. There are several tools that you can use to help you do this such as: Temi (creates speech-to-text transcriptions which are emailed to your in-box quickly in about 5-10 minutes), (you can create detailed show notes or blog posts using it), Rev (you can include captions) and Descript (which has a feature that enables you to edit/add to the audio of a video).

Note that the accuracy with each of these tools isn’t perfect as they are machine-powered tools using speech recognition software. So take into account that you’ll have to do some editing work on your transcripts (you should never publish the full transcription anyway – you’re just looking for the best excerpts and takeaways).

Always remember that people consume content in different ways so while one person may enjoy a podcast or a video, someone else may prefer a written article. You also get more bang for your buck by repurposing your content this way, and what’s better than that?