There are some new cool features coming to LinkedIn soon of which you should take note.

  • Video cover image on individual and company profiles. This is a great way to introduce yourself to your connections and followers with a short video. Note that company pages will also have the option to upload a cover video as well – there’s so much you can do there to brand your organization.
  • The addition of a gender pronoun field on profiles.
  • A dedicated service page for profiles – this is ideal for freelancers.
  • The addition of audio features similar to Clubhouse.
  • Creator mode for profiles, which will enable you to position your content and featured section higher on your profile and leverage the follow button
  • Ability to display LinkedIn live video in the background banner space of the creator’s profile.
  • LinkedIn Events (from a Company Page) is getting majorly enhanced with polls, speaker links, advertising options, registration, email collection and the automatic notification to your page followers.
  • A my Company tab on company pages which is designed to increase employee engagement. The tab will include:
    • Employee milestones
    • New hires
    • Company posts
    • Post highlights
    • Employee activities
    • Trending employee content

Which one of these updates are you most excited for?

I am personally most excited about the My Company tab for company pages, which is going to greatly enhance company content and engagement.