If you find yourself struggling for what to post on your LinkedIn Company Page and how to boost engagement and how to get more followers for your page, I have some ideas for any size company – especially smaller and mid-size law firms.

Every organization has many assets that can repurposed as social media content. For example:

  • Turn practice descriptions and attorney bios into individual posts
  • Past event photos can be turned into TBT or FBF posts
  • Celebrate superstar employees with posts about their accomplishments
  • Old photos can become history posts
  • Turn complex info into an infographic with Canva
  • Past client alerts can be reposted by highlighting a quote or a statistic
  • Feature employees and alumni in “get to know” Q&A posts.
  • Post links to key sections on your site (recruiting/diversity/pro bono) with teaser text
  • One of my favorite tricks is to take a transcription of a webinar (you can easily get a transcription of your Zoom webinars right on Zoom) and turn it into other forms of content such as a key takeaways piece, a social media quote post or even a white paper.

Engaging your employees is key to these efforts – they are your brand ambassadors.

Tap into their valuable social media networks by encouraging and training them to share content from your LinkedIn Company page. You should also include a link to the LinkedIn Company page each employee’s email signature.

The possibilities are endless if you are a bit creative.

The bottom line is to let your content work harder and smarter for you, and get your employees to help in the efforts as your strongest brand ambassadors.