Hashtags on LinkedIn can help you discover topics and interests most relevant to you, and give you the opportunity to engage with them.

All hashtags start with a # sign, followed by a keyword or phrase. Some examples of hashtags include: #SocialMedia or #LawFirmRecruiting.

When you create an update to share with your network from your LinkedIn homepage, you can add your own hashtag by typing # and the word or phrase directly in your post. You can also click on # add hashtag at the bottom of the share box and type your desired hashtag. Recommended hashtags from LinkedIn will automatically be suggested when you compose your hashtag.

Hashtags can be used anywhere in your post to share a video, article or document but I think it’s best to put them at the end of the post to make it easier for your readers to view the content of your post. Hashtags in comments or within articles won’t show up in hashtag feeds at this time. Learn more about using hashtags in your articles.


By following hashtags of personal interest, you’ll start seeing relevant updates in your feed that include those hashtag topics.

Find hashtags from search bar:

    1. Enter the hashtag you’d like to find in the Search bar at the top of the page. For example: #TimeManagement
    2. Click on a hashtag will take you to the hashtag’s feed where you can see content related to the hashtag topic.
    3. Click the Follow button to follow the hashtag.
      • You can also click See all results for “#hashtag” from the search dropdown menu and then select Content from the top left of the page, below the search bar, to view posts that mention the hashtag.

Here are some other ways to find new hashtags to follow:

  • Click on a hashtag that you’re interested in from your feed and click on the Follow button at the top of the page, under the hashtag name.
  • Click Discover more under Followed Hashtags on the bottom of the left rail on your LinkedIn homepage to see a recommended list of popular hashtags related to the hashtags you follow.
  • Click the  More icon on a post that interests you and click  Improve my feed to get a list of recommended hashtags to follow.
  • Click the  My Network icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage and scroll to the bottom to see hashtags trending in your network.

For each method, click the Follow button to follow the hashtag.

Once you’ve followed a hashtag, you’ll be able to manage it from your LinkedIn homepage.

To manage the hashtags you follow:

  1. Click Show more under Followed Hashtags on the bottom of the left rail of your LinkedIn homepage.
  2. Click See all at the bottom of the list of hashtags.

If you’d like to unfollow a hashtag, click  Following below the hashtag you’d like to unfollow. If you change your mind, click  Follow to begin following the hashtag again.