Did you know that you can now create LinkedIn posts up to 3000 characters versus 1300?

But remember that longer isn’t always better.

There are four types of LinkedIn posts available to users in the main LinkedIn home page: text, image, video and document – with each of them you can now add up to 3000 characters.

Make sure to break up your paragraphs into short, succinct chunks to make it easy for your readers to digest information.

How you say it is just as important as what you say.

The algorithm on LinkedIn favors posts versus LinkedIn Publisher articles – so keep this in mind.

Also, when you are creating a post like I am here, the algorithm also favors posts without URL links – LinkedIn wants users to stay on its platform. If you want to include a link, put it in the comments.

Don’t overuse hashtags either because you have more characters – 3 to 5 is the sweet spot. I’m presenting a free webinar on June 9 on how to use LinkedIn hashtags – join me!