Many people and companies take the time to create a post for social media and then they never use it again – I call this “one and done.” This is a mistake because most of your followers will never see that post (based on LinkedIn’s algorithm) and even those who do won’t remember it even if they liked it (trust me on this).

Also, not everyone who is following you now on LinkedIn or currently reading your blog/newsletter was reading it in the past and even if they were, it doesn’t mean they saw every single piece of content you published. In fact LinkedIn’s algorithm makes it almost impossible to ensure that everyone will see your content.

Too often we make the mistake of publishing content, promoting it and moving on from it forever. You don’t actually need to constantly create new content. Reposting your content is smart, efficient and will help increase the visibility of your posts.

Keep a record of your top-performing posts in an editorial calendar – I wait a month or so between reposting a piece of content. I may make slight tweaks to it, like changing the image, the first line of text or the hashtags, but for the most part, the post remains the same.

This is how you make your content work harder and smarter for you, and stay top of mind with your followers.

Check out this video to learn more. And yes that is a dog with a squeaky toy in the background.