Here are a few LinkedIn Company Page basic steps to take to optimize your page and help it obtain greater visibility.

  • Banner image: Select an image for the top of your page that is on brand and visually appealing to your target audience.
    • To keep things fresh, consider changing it periodically or using the space to promote new offers or events.
  • Tagline: Make it punchy, focused on your audience and include one or more SEO keywords.
  • About: Invest the time to write a compelling overview of your company.
    • Don’t make the text all about you—speak directly to your customers and how you can help them.
    • Finally, make sure your “about” text is consistent across social media platforms.
  • CTA button: Choose and customize your page buttons and CTAs carefully.
    • Don’t forget to add UTM parameters to any links back to your website for tracking purposes.
  • Showcase pages: If you have important services, business lines, initiatives or sub-brands that cannot be adequately addressed in your main page, consider creating a LinkedIn Showcase Page for each.

It’s easy to create a strong LinkedIn company page, you just need to know some of the fundamentals.

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