Here’s why your LinkedIn posts aren’t doing as well as they could be or should be.

They are too much about you.

They’re not written with your audience in mind or in their language.

They focus on your successes.

They sound boastful.

They don’t have compelling images.

They don’t tell a story.

They aren’t helpful.

They sound like everyone else’s posts.

They don’t capture your readers’ attention in the crucial first three lines before the post says “see more.”

They aren’t structured to get people to “stop the scroll” on their newsfeed and are hard to read.

They sound like business speak or a regurgitated press release.

They don’t use hashtags or the right hashtags.

You can do better. And you should because there are endless opportunities for branding and business development on LinkedIn.

Did you know that only 1% of people post content on LinkedIn regularly?

And many of those people are writing mediocre boring copy that sounds like everyone else.

So be one of those one percenters.

Stand out. Don’t be afraid to try different things to see what sticks with your readers.

Always show versus tell.

And most of all be human. Be humble. And be helpful. Those are my 3 H’s for LinkedIn success.

What else would you add to stand out on LinkedIn?

In this video I explore the reasons why your LinkedIn posts aren’t doing as well as they could be (meaning more likes, shares and engagement).

I also offer ideas for how to fix your LinkedIn posts to get more engagement and visibility.

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