You’ve no doubt seen the hilarious memes on social media poking fun at the CDC’s ever changing quarantine guidance.

My favorite was “the CDC recommends that you wear jeans and a cute top” lol.

Well, I decided to create one of my own to promote my webinars this week.

Mimicking a news announcement, the memes are structured with the words, “the CDC recommends” followed by something silly or referring to pop culture.

But let’s use this as a way to promote our organizations.

I think it can be a great way to make yourself relevant and show your humorous side.

Your social media posts don’t always have to be serious and self promotional. It’s not a bad idea to inject humor into your posts when it makes sense. In fact it really help enhance your brand, showcase your culture/less serious side and make you more likable as a brand.

Brands can use this timely and light-hearted CDC fumbling moment (which we all really need during the last two years) to their advantage by creating content in the “the CDC recommends” construction to promote something about their product or services.

But really, you should come to my free webinars this week.

One is with Legal Sales and Service Organization on Wednesday, January 12 where I’ll be discussing how to use LinkedIn for lead generation and business development opportunities.

And the other is with Leopard Solutions on Thursday, January 13 on the state of the 2021 legal hiring market and what’s to come in 2022 with Laura Leopard, Michael Short from LawVision LLC and Bruce MacEwen from Adam Smith Esq.

And remember it’s okay to add a little brevity to your social posts sometimes, just like many companies did with the Bernie Sanders lawn chair and mittens meme during last year’s inauguration.