There are two new LinkedIn features that will make your LinkedIn experience more efficient and effective. Watch the video and read below for more.

One is the bell 🔔 notification – it enables you to receive notifications every time someone posts an update that you don’t want to miss (such as clients, VIP contacts and people whose posts provide value to you).

You just go to their profile, look for the bell on the top right hand side under the cover story, select it and then their posts will appear in your notifications section. See example here in Paula Edgar’s profile.

Here’s an article I wrote with more about how to set up LinkedIn notifications about certain people.

LinkedIn bell feature

The second new feature is the ability to put hyperlinks in your About section, which is essentially your bio on LinkedIn.

You don’t have to do anything special other than just copying and pasting the full URL. This makes it much easier for individuals to click on links as well as your email. I would recommend you put a link to your website and your blog and your contact info.

You may not be able to see the hyperlinks on the desktop version but when you go to the mobile version of LinkedIn, they are there in blue. See below for how it appears.

LinkedIn profile about section URLs

This is an easy way for people to connect with you rather than search for your contact info, which can be a little hard to find sometimes if you don’t know where to look for it. Just make sure to fill out your full contact info in the appropriately named the “contact info” section too.

Always make sure you fill in the About section because if you don’t that may be the one factor holding you back from getting All-Star status.

I don’t recommend copying and pasting your bio from your website because this one should be shorter, more casual and conversational.

I think both of these tools are very useful and help us be more effective in using LinkedIn. What do you think?

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