Have you ever wanted to make sure that you never miss a LinkedIn post by certain people in your network?

Well there’s a new feature on LinkedIn that now enables you to do this and get notifications every time they post an update – the bell 🔔!

This tool essentially enables you to better curate the content you see and it enables you be more efficient and strategic about using LinkedIn.

To use it, go to that person’s profile and click on the bell on the right-hand side underneath their cover story. (Take a look at the example here from my friend Paula Edgar whose updates you should never miss and who told me I should write this post – thanks Paula!).


This feature will also help improve the quality and relevancy of content in your newsfeed.

LinkedIn bell feature

You can invite others to follow you using this tool so they see all of your posts. You can follow me on LinkedIn here.

You can set up LinkedIn notifications for individuals such as your favorite content creators, influencers, colleagues, clients and other VIP contacts whose posts you simply don’t want to miss. I set up my list – you should too – there’s no limit that I’ve seen on how many people for whom you can set up notifications, and you can add to your list at any time.

What do you think of the new LinkedIn bell feature and will you use it?

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