One of the features on LinkedIn Company pages of which you may not be aware is that administrators (both super admins or content admins) have the ability to publish articles about their expertise and interests right on the company page.

You can build an archive of content that is housed on LinkedIn and write original content or repurpose blog posts and articles.

I like using it because of LinkedIn’s high-domain authority, which helps amplify the visibility and searchability of your article. Here’s how to create a LinkedIn article on your company page.

Articles are displayed in the Activity section of your LinkedIn Company page. It’s shared with your connections and followers in their news feeds, and sometimes through notifications. Articles can be shared on other social platforms too.

Your article may be searchable both on and off LinkedIn, depending on your profile settings. Having your public profile visibility set to everyone will distribute your articles publicly. Learn more about your LinkedIn public profile visibility.
This feature is not available on the LinkedIn mobile app (at least not yet). Also, once you publish an article, you can edit or delete it at any time.
To publish an article as your Page:
  1. Access your Page Super or Content admin view.
  2. Under the Start a post prompt, click Write article.
  3. Click the icon to add a cover image. I recommend uploading an image that’s 2000 x 600 pixels or just use the Canva image size that says LinkedIn Article Image Banner
    • Move your cursor over the image and click the icon to adjust the size of the image.
    • Click the icon to delete the image.
  4. Click the Add credit and caption field and enter your text. (optional)
  5. Click Headline to enter your article title.
  6. Click Write here to enter your article text.
    • Click the icon to embed an ImageVideoSlidesLinks or a Snippet.
  7. Use the top toolbar to adjust your text formatting.
  8. Click the Publish button.
  9. To adjust the privacy settings, click the  dropdown and select  Anyone or  Targeted Audience. The default setting is Anyone.
  10. Click Add hashtag. (optional)
  11. Click the Publish button.
  12. Click Copy link to obtain your article’s shareable URL. (optional)
  13. Click the Share button to share your article with your personal network. (optional)

In this video I walk you through the steps on how to create and publish a LinkedIn Company Page article. (It took me less than 10 minutes and I went slow to explain things to you so imagine how quickly it really goes!)