You don’t need to post on LinkedIn every day to be successful on LinkedIn. Wait, did Stefanie Marrone, the Social Media Butterfly herself just say that? Yes! Here’s what I mean.

You’re much better off posting content consistently, but consistent doesn’t mean daily if you’re sacrificing quality.

What’s the most important when it comes to your social media strategy is quality over quantity.

If you are stressing out over creating posts and just posting for the sake of posting or thinking that you need to post every day, you’re not actually creating strategic content.

The key to creating a successful and effective social media strategy is having intentional posts with purpose that support your business and brand.

Strategic, intentional content with purpose that supports your content pillars should be your goal with every single LinkedIn post you create.

Your content pillars are the subset of topics or themes in your wheelhouse that support your brand and business which create the foundation for your overall content strategy. You should have three to six of them in your overall content strategy.

Content pillars you define your niche, guide and speed up your content creation process and ensure that your content is more strategic. They also help you stay organized, be consistent and create high-quality content. And most importantly, content pillars enable you to be more intentional about creating and publishing content. When you intentionally create and curate content around your content pillars you can maximize your content strategy and marketing efforts.

Also, your LinkedIn post still has a lot of visibility 24 hours after you post it, so you don’t want to post two times a day and even posting every 24 hours is sometimes not even necessary.

Let your posts achieve their full visibility.

The lifecycle of a post can be up to one week depending on how well it does.

Also are you adding some of your posts to your featured section on your profile? That also helps increase their visibility.

Finally you should be repurposing your content and letting it work harder and smarter for you. No one remembers what they had for breakfast last week let alone what you posted on social media, so you don’t have to worry about spamming people with a similar post.

We spend so much time creating content and often, we make the mistake of posting it only once to social media. This is what I call “one and done.”

Remember that a lot of people won’t see your content because of social media algorithms and the time of day they are online.

Repurposing and reusing content enables you to cast a wider net with it and increase the likliehood that it will be seen by others.

It also saves you time so you don’t have to keep creating new content. It’s an essential tool to have in your content strategy.

Learn more in this video.