The adage “it’s not what you know, but who you know” might need a slight update. While connections remain invaluable, in today’s digital age, it’s perhaps more apt to say, “it’s not just who you know, but how you’re perceived.” For lawyers, building a strong brand, optimizing your online profile and creating relevant content has never been more important in order to stand out from your peers and competitors.

1. The Power of a Strong Brand for Lawyers

A brand is not merely a logo or a catchy slogan. For lawyers, it’s the embodiment of your expertise, value, ethics and approachability. It’s the promise you make to your clients and the experience they can expect when they choose to work with you.

More than just aesthetics, a legal brand speaks volumes about your professionalism, dedication and commitment to justice. It’s the way clients perceive you, even before they step into your office or engage in that first consultation. Your brand is the amalgamation of your values, your track record and the trust you inspire. In a profession where trust is paramount and details matter, a strong brand is so important, guiding clients through the complex landscape of legal issues and decisions. It’s not just about being known; it’s about being recognized for the right reasons. A well-crafted brand can:

  • Differentiate you in a saturated market.
  • Create Trust. People want to hire lawyers they can trust. A consistent and professional brand evokes confidence.
  • Facilitate Referrals. When your brand is memorable, it becomes easier for colleagues, contacts and clients to refer you.

2. Optimizing Your Profile

In an era where a quick Google search can make or break first impressions, optimizing your online presence is essential. Consider these steps:

  • Professional Photos: Invest in high-quality headshots that convey approachability and professionalism.
  • Clear Messaging: Ensure your areas of specialization are clearly stated and easily found. Potential clients shouldn’t have to dig to discover your expertise.
  • Client Testimonials: Word-of-mouth has gone digital. Displaying client reviews can significantly bolster your credibility.

3. The Power of Relevant Content

Content remains king, even in the legal world. By sharing your insights, opinions and advice, you can:

  • Establish Authority: Publishing well-researched articles or opinion pieces can position you as a thought leader in your field.
  • Engage Potential Clients: Regularly updating your blog or social media channels with relevant content keeps you at the forefront of potential clients’ minds and boosts your SEO.
  • Showcase your Expertise: Beyond just stating your areas of expertise, content allows you to demonstrate it. It’s the difference between telling someone you’re knowledgeable and showing them.


Law is a profession deeply rooted in tradition. However, in the 21st century, it’s essential for legal professionals to adapt and embrace the tools of the digital age. By building a robust brand, optimizing your online profile and producing value-added, client-centric content, lawyers can ensure they remain relevant, respected and at the top of their field.

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Stefanie Marrone advises law firms of all sizes, professional service firms, B2B companies, recruiters and individuals on the full range of marketing and business development consulting services designed to enhance revenue, retain current clients and achieve greater brand recognition. She also serves as outsourced chief marketing officer/marketing department for small and mid-size law firms.

Over her 20+ year legal marketing career, she has worked at and with a broad range of big law, mid-size and small firms, which has given her a valuable perspective of the legal industry. Connect with her on LinkedInTwitterYouTubeInstagramsign up for her email listand follow her latest writing on JD Supra.