Hashtag holidays have emerged as unique opportunities to enhance brand visibility and engage audiences in fun, relatable ways. For professional service firms looking to invigorate their marketing strategies this September, here’s a curated list of hashtag holidays and how they can be woven into your content calendar:

#LaborDay – First Monday of September

Post Idea: Celebrate your team’s hard work and achievements. Share behind-the-scenes glimpses of how your team unwinds.

#ReadABookDay – September 6

Post Idea: Share insights from a book that’s made an impact in your industry or recommend reading lists that cater to professionals in your domain.

#WorldLiteracyDay – September 8

Post Idea: Recommend a list of top books related to your industry. Invite followers to share their favorite industry-related reads in the comments.

#TeddyBearDay – September 9

Post Idea: A lighter day – maybe showcase office workspace setups or if employees have any fun, quirky companions at their desks.

#WorldSuicidePreventionDay – September 10

Post Idea: Highlight the importance of mental well-being and share resources or partner with local organizations to raise awareness.

#PositiveThinkingDay – September 13

Post Idea: Share motivational quotes, a success story or a challenging project where positive thinking made a difference. Encourage others to share moments when optimism played a key role in their professional lives.

#WorldGratitudeDay – September 21

Post Idea: Express gratitude towards clients, colleagues and partners, reinforcing relationships.

#FirstDayofFall – September 22/23

Post Idea: Highlight any seasonal services or embrace the aesthetic of fall in your content for the day.

  1. Team Photo Day
    • Idea: Gather the team for a fall-themed photo outside, with everyone holding a pumpkin spice latte, wearing scarves or surrounded by fall foliage. It humanizes your company and offers a personal touch.
    • Caption: “Embracing the #FirstDayofFall with our favorite fall traditions. 🍁 How is your team welcoming the new season?”
  2. Client Success Stories
    • Idea: Showcase a client success story from the past year using fall imagery. Maybe even highlight a client whose business is fall-related!
    • Caption: “As the leaves change, we reflect on the growth and success our clients have experienced. Here’s a highlight from [Client Name]. #FirstDayofFall “
  3. Behind-the-Scenes
    • Idea: Show a behind-the-scenes look of your office, perhaps decorated with some subtle fall decor.
    • Caption: “Our office is ready for the fall season! How do you decorate your workspace for the #FirstDayofFall?”
  4. Knowledge Sharing
    • Idea: Share a quick tip or piece of advice related to your services but with a fall twist.
    • Caption: “Just as trees shed their leaves in the fall, it’s a great time to shed old habits. Here’s a tip to help your business this season. #FirstDayofFall”
  5. Interactive Polls/Questions
    • Idea: Create an interactive poll or question related to fall. For example, ask your followers what their favorite fall activity is or if they prefer pumpkin spice or apple cider.
    • Caption: “It’s the #FirstDayofFall! We’re debating in the office: Pumpkin Spice Latte or Apple Cider? Help us settle this!”
  6. Seasonal Offers
    • Idea: If there are any promotions or seasonal packages, this is a good time to introduce them.
    • Caption: “Welcoming fall with some special offers for our valued clients! Get in touch to learn more. #FirstDayofFall “
  7. Infographics
    • Idea: Share a fall-inspired infographic related to your industry. It could be trends observed in the fall, statistics, or just general knowledge.
    • Caption: “Did you know? Here are some fall trends we’ve observed in our industry. #FirstDayofFall”
  8. Client Testimonials
    • Idea: Share a client testimonial with a fall-themed background or overlay.
    • Caption: “Hearing from our satisfied clients always feels like the warmth of a cozy fall day. Thank you, [Client Name], for your kind words! #FirstDayofFall”
  9. Workshop/Webinar Announcements
    • Idea: If you’re hosting any workshops or webinars, use the fall theme for its promotion.
    • Caption: “Join us for our fall workshop, where we’ll dive deep into [topic]. Save your spot now! #FirstDayofFall”

Remember, the idea is to be authentic and resonate with your audience while staying true to your brand voice. These post suggestions can be tailored to align more closely with specific industries or services.

#WorldTourismDay – September 27

Post Idea: If you serve clients in the travel or hospitality industry, spotlight them or share data insights on trends in tourism.

#WorldHeartDay – September 29

Post Idea: Share health and wellness tips for a heart-healthy workplace. It could be as simple as taking short breaks, practicing deep breathing or even promoting heart-healthy snacks.

#InternationalPodcastDay – September 30

Relevance: If your firm has a podcast, it’s the day to promote it. Alternatively, recommend your employees’ favorite industry-specific podcasts.

#NationalCoffeeDay – September 29

Here are some social media post ideas to focus on to the beverage that powers many professionals each day.

  1. Coffee Art Contest: Encourage employees or followers to create coffee-related art. This could be latte art, drawings using coffee as ink or even digital art inspired by coffee. The best submission could win a coffee-themed prize.
  2. Behind-the-Brew: Offer a behind-the-scenes look at how people in the company like their coffee. It’s a simple and fun way to humanize your brand and make a connection with your audience.
  3. Coffee Story Hour: Share fun or heartfelt stories related to coffee. Did two team members bond over a coffee chat? Encouraging storytelling can bring a heartwarming touch.
  4. Swap the Cup Challenge: Encourage followers to showcase their most unique coffee mugs. This is a fun way for the audience to participate and share a piece of their personal world.
  5. Coffee Playlist: Share a Spotify playlist branded for your company, designed for the perfect coffee break. Encouraging people to take breaks and enjoy a cup of coffee with some tunes can be a refreshing change.
  6. Infographics and Fun Facts: Share interesting tidbits about coffee. How many cups does the average person drink? What’s the most popular type of coffee? Presenting this in an engaging visual way can capture attention.
  7. Virtual Coffee Break: Host a short, live session on your company’s social media where a member of the team chats about something engaging or even unrelated to work, just to give people a chance to “break” and interact.
  8. Coffee Recipe Exchange: Encourage followers to share their favorite homemade coffee recipes. This can range from brews to desserts infused with coffee.
  9. Gift a Brew: Partner with a local coffee shop and offer a limited number of free coffees to the first set of followers who engage with a particular post or use a specific hashtag.

National Preparedness Month (All of September)

Post Idea: Share a checklist or best practices guide on how businesses can be prepared for industry-specific challenges or disruptions. You could also share stories of how preparedness benefited a client or your firm in the past.

National Courtesy Month (All of September)

Post Idea: Share stories or instances that highlight courtesy in the workplace, especially instances where it made a crucial difference in client relationships or team dynamics.

Self-Improvement Month (All of September)

Post Idea: Share resources, courses, or tools that have helped your team in their professional growth. Ask followers to share their favorite self-improvement resources.

While it may be tempting to create a post for each hashtag holiday, professional service firms should choose those that align authentically with their brand voice and values.

Not only can these days provide a boost to your content strategy, but they can also offer a fresh, humanized touch to your firm’s digital presence. As always, creativity is key. So, embrace these days, but with a touch of originality and a clear link to your brand’s ethos.