Let’s debunk a widespread myth in the world of social media and content marketing: the “One and Done” strategy.

Have you ever poured hours into crafting content – a blog post, an article, a video or a social media post – only to share it once and then forget about it?

You’re far from alone, and it’s a common pitfall that many fall into.

Here’s a reality check: Just because you posted a piece of content once doesn’t mean everyone saw it. People’s online habits differ widely – some scroll leisurely, others have a sporadic online presence and some might simply have missed your post amidst the volume of content they receive.

You should assume that most people did not see it. And that’s why you need to repurpose your content.

Repurposing is Strategy, Not Spam

Let’s clarify a misconception: repurposing isn’t synonymous with bombarding your audience. Given the ever-changing algorithms and the massive influx of content, it’s likely that your content didn’t get the attention it deserved or was quickly forgotten. Repurposing isn’t about repeating content endlessly; it’s about strategically repositioning it to capture renewed interest. The goal is to extract maximum value from your content and make it work smarter, not harder.

The Repurposing Advantage

Escaping the “One and Done” mindset hinges on strategic repurposing. This tactic unlocks a realm of possibilities, allowing you to breathe new life into existing content. Turn a blog post into a series of bite-sized social media insights. Convert videos into informative articles. Condense podcasts into visually engaging audiograms or short blog posts.

Your Action Plan: Tap into the Repurposing Potential

Your task is clear: delve into your content vaults. Identify pieces that struck a chord but might not have garnered the spotlight they merit. It could be a thought-provoking blog, a strong video or a resonating social media post. Repurpose these assets, adapting them for diverse formats and platforms. By doing so, you extend content lifespan and amplify its reach.

How to Creatively Repurpose Your Content

  1. Blog to Social Snippets: Break down key points from your blog posts into engaging social media snippets. Pair them with eye-catching visuals for added impact.
  2. Videos to Articles: Transcribe video content and transform it into an in-depth article. This appeals to those who prefer written content over videos.
  3. Podcast Highlights to Infographics: Transform compelling podcast moments into shareable infographics, capturing attention with succinct visual bites.
  4. Webinars to Slide Decks: If you’ve hosted webinars, turn them into slide decks that can be shared on platforms like SlideShare.
  5. Case Studies to Visual Stories: Convert data-heavy case studies into visually appealing stories or animations to make complex information more digestible.
  6. Long-form Content to Email Series: Break down comprehensive guides or reports into an email series, providing bite-sized insights over time.

Key Insights

  • Ditch the “One and Done” mentality to unlock content’s full potential.
  • Repurposing strategically acknowledges diverse audience behaviors.
  • Repurposing ≠ spam; it’s about smart exposure.
  • Harness diverse formats to cater to various audience segments.
  • Your content merits multiple exposures, each offering a fresh perspective.
  • Embrace the repurposing revolution. Elevate your content game and ensure your valuable insights resonate, no matter where your audience stands on the digital spectrum.

Reach out to me for help with repurposing your content more effectively and efficiently.