Creating compelling social media posts about your company’s or your involvement in a conference can greatly enhance networking, branding and business development opportunities. A well-crafted post not only highlights your company’s active participation in industry events but also positions you and your organization as a key player eager to engage with peers and thought leaders. Whether attending a conference or an event as an attendee, a sponsor or a speaker, each role offers unique opportunities to elevate your visibility and establish meaningful connections. Here’s how.

1. Posts to Create if you are an Attendee

When your employees are attending an event, focus on positioning them as knowledgeable participants eager to engage with and learn from other attendees, as well as being leaders in their respective fields Here’s how to make your social media posts featuring them stronger:

  • Highlight Expertise: Mention specific topics or sessions your employees are excited about and why. This showcases their expertise and aligns your company with these areas of interest.
  • Encourage Interactions: Invite others to meet your employees. Provide a way to schedule meetings or suggest times when they will be available for impromptu conversations.
  • Use Engaging Visuals: Here are some ideas for photo posts – create a post with the attendees’ headshots saying they will be attending and/or speaking at the conference. Another idea is to include a photo of the attendees at the conference with the conference branding or at a conference networking event.
  • Promote Before the Event: Start posting a few weeks in advance to generate interest and schedule meetups.

2. Posts to Create if you are a Sponsor

Sponsoring an event offers a great opportunity to enhance your company’s visibility and help your lawyers and employees make new connections, build their personal brands and generate new business . Make your posts more impactful by:

  • Emphasize Contribution: State your role as a sponsor and express your support the industry and the conference and the organization holding the event.
  • Highlight What You Offer: If you have a booth or special session, mention what attendees will gain by visiting, such as giveaways, demos, free consultations or exclusive materials.
  • Leverage the Event’s Branding: Use official event logos and hashtags to improve post visibility and alignment with the event.
  • Post Live Updates: Share highlights and live content during the event to engage those who couldn’t attend while enhancing your visibility.

3. Posts to Create if you are a Speaker

If someone from your company is speaking at a conference, this is a great opportunity to establish thought leadership, showcase expertise and engage with peers and potential clients in a meaningful way.

  • Promote the Speaker: Share short bios of the speakers and tease the content of their talks.
  • Share Exclusive Content: Offer snippets or previews of the presentation to spark interest.
  • Encourage Attendance: Include the time and location of the talk in your posts, and invite people to join both in-person and online (if available). If you can’t offer live online access, you can hold a separate webinar after the conference for those who couldn’t attend the program.
  • Post Event Content: After the event, share detailed summaries, key takeaways or full presentations for those who missed out on your content. Utilize various platforms such as your blog, social media channels and email newsletters to continue the conversation and keep the momentum going. Also, consider hosting a follow-up webinar or a Q&A session to address any unanswered questions and build your position as an industry leader.

General Tips

  • Tag Relevant Parties: Always tag the event organizers, co-participants and keynote speakers to increase the reach of your posts.
  • Use Effective Hashtags: In addition to using official event hashtags, strategically use ones that fit your industry.
  • Quality Visuals: Use high-quality images or graphics tailored to each platform’s best practices to gain attention.
  • Follow-Up: After the event, post thank-yous, photos or highlights to maintain engagement and continue networking online.

By tailoring your social media strategy to fit your role at the conference, you can maximize your presence and create lasting connections that can lead to future business opportunities.