It’s time to get excited: For those of you who manage your company’s LinkedIn pages, I have some really great news (in case you didn’t already discover this yourself): You can now edit posts on company pages!

This limitation on company pages was a huge pet peeve of mine (and overall grievance on LinkedIn), because previously, if you saw a typo, or wanted to make any kind of change to a post, you needed to delete the entire post and then post it again, leading to lost page views and analytics, not to mention a loss of your precious time.

While users have been able to easily edit their personal posts, the same option did not exist for company posts. That is, until now. Now to edit a post on your LinkedIn company page, just go to the top right of the post to where the three little dots are and you’ll now see “Edit Update” as the very first option (see screenshot above). Voilà! 

This is a very welcome (and long overdue) enhancement to the LinkedIn company desktop platform and must have occurred over the past few days. I don’t know about you, but there have been plenty of times when I’ve posted an update to our company page only to notice a small grammatical error or a mistake, or had a wordsmithing stroke of brilliance a moment too late, leading me to delete the post and start over again from scratch, which makes me feel like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day – I robotically copy and paste the language from the original post, then pull the image from my computer and reinsert any links, proofread like a maniac (so that this nightmare doesn’t happen again and I can break the loop!) and then hit publish. One thing you can’t edit is adding an image after the post has been published, but hopefully that will be changed in subsequent enhancements (hey, are you listening LinkedIn?)

LinkedIn apparently made this change based on user feedback, demonstrating that they do in fact listen. So, kudos to LinkedIn for listening to us! (Now if only LinkedIn would make editing a feature on its mobile app and if Twitter would follow suit, marketers would truly rejoice!)