When creating content and managing your social media channels, it is very important to always remember that there is much more than meets the eye to your analytics and readership data.

In fact, according to Greentarget (which produces my favorite annual study on the content and social media consumption of in-house counsel), nearly 80 percent of in-house counsel use social media (and consume content) in listen-only mode (meaning they aren’t actively liking, sharing or commenting) – while only 27 percent disseminate information and engage with other users. This is what I call “the invisible user trend.”

The lack of public engagement by in-house counsel may cause the number of likes on your pages to be low or for it to seem like no one is engaging with your content or social posts – but they are! Just not publicly.

This is great information for you to have in your back pocket with your lawyers and team members for a rainy day. It’s so important to create great content every single day of the week and not be deterred by engagement levels. There’s so much more going on behind the scenes that helps to paint the full content picture and scope of reach of your content assets. For more on content marketing strategy best practices and tips, see my latest JD Supra article, “15 Content Marketing Strategy Best Practices for Law Firms of All Sizes.”