2019 was eye opening and brutal to me.

My life was turned upside down personally and professionally. They say everything happens for a reason. I believe that. I believe closed doors are trying to lead you down other paths that are right for you. I believe you can outgrow relationships of all kinds and that change is scary so that’s why so many of us stay stuck in a job or a relationship that isn’t working. I also believe that it’s okay to not be okay all the time and to let others know that you need them. The time will come when they will need you too.

In general, I believe companies need to be more understanding of the fact that their employees sometimes just need a little help and support. A good employee is worth sticking behind for the long term if they are experiencing a temporary rough patch.

Everyone knows I’m a huge advocate of the power of social media to do great things. But so much of what people post on social media are just the happy moments and their successes, giving others the idea that their lives are perfect. News flash – no one’s life is perfect. I’ve been very honest over the past year about my struggles, and I hope it helps others going through similar situations. I certainly appreciate all of the support and love.

I know so many others are struggling with their own kinds of issues, and I’m not special in having some – but what I hope is that talking about them and finding positive ways to cope, overcome and thrive in spite of them can be helpful to others. No one knows what’s going on with someone else on any given day and the hardships they are facing and I believe that assuming good intent and being kinder to one another will make a significant impact on the world around us.

This photo was taken at a place very special to me and my ex, and I created new memories there without him this summer. It wasn’t easy and I don’t know that I’ll ever be okay with being suddenly left and replaced by someone we know, but I have learned to not ignore red flags. I could have saved myself a lot of heartache and time if I had been attuned to the many flashing red signs that showed themselves early on.

I never imagined that my life would turn out like this – I had thought I found the one – someone who I could completely trust. But I’ve learned that people change and feelings change. Change is the only constant in our lives. As much as we try to hang on to anything in life, there are no guarantees. Understand that people come and go in our lives, and sometimes we have no choice but to let go of the old and embrace the new.

Unfortunately we don’t always get what we want. Remember you can get through anything – you must choose to be happy and to see all the great things in your life and use the bad things that happen to you as motivators to build a better life for yourself. Closed doors and rejection is how life steers you in the right direction. I love the powerful words in this quote – embrace where you are because that’s where you’re supposed to be.